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Parties have come a long way from being in the confines of Huge hotels and pubs to being in the terraces of households. Private parties are a great excuse to confined yourself to just a handful of people you are comfortable with. In all this, there is an extra effort that is required to take care of the food. Grand caterers, with its specialisation in catering to parties, "barbeque and food truck - 1 of its kind in chennai" bring a small scale version of their speciality to Sab private parties.

Beach Party

Beaches, by default are amazing destinations to celebrate. GCC amazs such a venue and add a party flavour to the beach and it only becomes more awesome. When you are at the party celebrating and enjoying the great company you are with, let not food be one of your worries. Grand caterers will take care to ensure that the celebration wave of your party does not go down at all!

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Family Get Together

When we are talking about something call privacy, the most compact element that needs privacy is a family! There are a lot of emotions that try in family get togethers. This includes but is not limited to laughs, love, companionship, communication and sometimes it also involves people meeting after a long gap. In situations like this, organising and food should not be a major cause of concern. It surely will not be if it is entrusted to the event management and the catering skills of Grand caterers!

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Bachelor Party

If there is one Western fad that has caught up quite well in the recent times, it has to be the concept of Bachelor parties. A bachelor party is a lot about fun, spending time with the boys, and might also involve a lot of food and frolic. In events like this, organising and food is of vital importance. How can you offered not to give the groom-to-be an amazing food to remember for the rest of his life? For this reason, grand caterers brings you a special package for bachelors parties!

Team Meets

Team meetings are no longer confined to the bottom of conference halls, with a bunch of people staring into a set of laptops command and a person in front talking something to a crowd that doesn't seem to make sense of anything that is being talked about exclamation point in this new age where teams have become more casual and work has become more of a pay committee meetings can be a great thing of fun as well exclamation point however comma if the core aspects of the team have to be taken care of in the meeting, the auxiliary aspects like food and arrangements should be left to a trusted partner, or in this case, Grand caterers!

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