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Food is an integral part of any Celebration and we take it upon ourselves to provide you with some awesome food that will make the occasion feel even Grand. We, literally, cater to all kinds of audience who might require different cuisines. Our specialisation in providing the most authentic food in any quantity for any kind of an event makes us one of the most sought after food providers in Chennai.

Family Function & Wedding

A family is one institution that comes along with a lot of celebrations. When we are a part of the family, we would like to give an experience nothing less than the best for even the smallest of the celebrations. Leave it to Grand caterers to take care of even the most minute nitty-gritties of the event so that your event will be a grand success for everyone to Remember!

There is an old Tamil saying that emphasizes the challenges in building a house and in conducting a wedding! Such is the tediousness and the meticulousness that goes into conducting and organising a perfect and grand wedding. Leave it to Grand caterers to take care of every aspect of your wedding right from decorating the location to appointing the officiant, and of course, the food as well! With our vast experience of organising events and completing them with great food, you can expect your wedding to be a success in every aspect!

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With the advent of the corporate culture and the need to celebrate even the smallest achievements of an organisation, corporate events have become mainstream. These kind of events call for being extremely organised and efficient, and they do not culminate without great food. Grand catering services bring you the right talents it takes to make the event a grand success. We take care of appointing the right decorators, the MC the entertainment and any other thing that you might need in a corporate event!

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Ethnic Food

Our Land has a very unique food culture that is made of a lot of crude grains that are quite Wholesome in their nutritive values. Sadly, a lot of them have been lost in the annals of time, and reviving it is one of the things that we intend to do as a food friendly organisation. Grand caterers specialises in the ethnic food of all and which includes grains like millet and horse gram. These ethnic food items give you a subtle touch of authenticity and a strong touch of health complete feel!

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Chettinad Food

Ask any Tamil food aficionado about their most favourite cuisine and Chettinad is a bond figure in the list of names that they give. A small strip of coastal land near Karaikudi has carved a niche for itself when it comes to food. Processing a very unique taste in terms of hand ground spices, this cuisine also comprises of a lot of speciality dishes. Grand caterers gives you the most authentic feel of Chettinad in the special dishes like Kola urundai and Kolukattai.

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