Each event is a proclamation of celebration! It has to be insured at all cost that the food that is associated with the event does not falter in any way compared to the awesomeness of the event. Grand catering services bring you the best food of any crazy for you to make your event more special. We literally cater to almost all kinds of events including but not limited to weddings, corporate events, parties, family functions, and anything that would come under the purview of the word ‘event’!

Family Function

Family is always together, and family functions are only a bigger and better excuse for all of them to be together along with a happy mood celebration. These moods of celebration are further enhanced with amazing food items! We at Grand caterers take care to be one among the family at least in terms of providing you authentic food from any cuisine that you would require!

House Warming

Seemantham / Baby showering

Naming Ceremony


House Party


Function Decor

Function - Food Stall

Function - Entertainment Stall


It is often said that marriages are made in heaven. If you are celebrating a match made in heaven, it is only fair to expect your food to taste heavenly! We at Grand caterers bring you the best food to make your wedding ceremony more Wholesome. Don't be afraid if it is and inter-community wedding, because we are experts in all cuisines!




Mehandi / Sangeeth



Corporate Events

Every corporate event is definitely a lot of food for thought. As a converse of what the great Tamil Thiruvalluvar says, there needs to be some food for the stomach as well. In most cases, corporate events take place bringing together people from different culinary backgrounds. Leave it to us, Grand caterers to bring out the best food to make your corporate event not only a grand success, but also a satisfactory one.

Product Launch


Team Lunch

Shop Opening

Hi Tea

Team Entertainment

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