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The basic need of man is not that very basic after all! Food is often taken for granted, but the nitty-gritties and the finish that goes into crafting the finest food is a lot more than just a profession - cooking is an art!

There are only a few handful who have mastered this earth, and it is a moment of pride for us to proclaim that Grand caterers - the new-yet-mature kid on the block for the finest catering services - brings you the expertise it requires to delight your palate in every morsel.

Grand Catering Services is the perfect Confluence of culinary expertise coupled with customer experience. With about two recognized restaurant-brands in the City of Chennai, our legacy in the food industry spans over a decade, since our inception in 2009! This has made us understand that each customer’s requirement would be different. We are occasion and cuisine-agnostic. We specialise in delivering customised food services for any kind of events, and especially private parties - both indoor and outdoor!

We’re giving meals-on-wheels a whole new meaning with the GCC Food-Van. If your party needs a splash of exclusivity in experience for your guests, get ready to experience this first-of-its-kind in the city of Chennai!

Be it the ethnic / traditional, South Indian or the North Indian or Chinese or even Continental, with the choicest of ingredients, we ensure that you get the most authentic taste in every morsel. Our services also extend to all kinds of super-big events like weddings, big events like corporate, small personal events like birthday parties, or just a bunch of friends getting together over a nice relaxed snack! Our portfolio services also extend beyond the horizon of food, covering almost all aspects of the event, of course, including but not limited to food!!

Grand Catering Services is the brainchild of Ms. Jayashree Thilak - a person who has achieved unprecedented fame owing to her hard work, commitment, determination and above all, the passion that she has to deliver the best food experience for everyone!

Just give us a Buzz, or drop in an enquiry, and we will take it upon us to delight your guests with the best food experience possible.


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